unique dev2 Outdoor luminaires are always being exposed to continously fluctuating pressures and temperatures. The effects of the changing environment can seriously damage both the body of the luminaire and the on a long term.

Our engineers have developed a special breathing valve to tackle this issue. Each of our luminaires have an integrated breathable GORE valve built in that compensates the harshest weather conditons, also balances air pressure between the outside environment and the inside of the enclosed fixture in a rapid way to the most optimal level.



Intelligent lighting control and remote control The primary objective of the system based on radio frequency technology DIM controller which controls light output and consumption of finding the optimum between the environment and adequate lighting and significantly lower power consumption for a reduced, but still enough light, resulting in a favorable environment.

Each device contains a transmitter and receiver with a unique addressing, which are always communicating transceiver unit in the lamp next to them. Individual addressing allows up to within a street or an interior room lamps operate at various different light output. The system will enable two-way data transfer, such as transceiver units, faults and error nature of the lighting fixtures send information back to a central control unit for further analysis and action.

The system includes a central control unit of the system included adjustable ballast addressed each indoor or outdoor fixture throughout the year (365-by-day) lighting program, as well as the exact location of lighting fixtures. This is the central control unit sends out - via the Internet and the coordinator (gateway) on the primary radio - radio unit control signal packets in the next fixture coordinator.

If the internet connection is lost or coordinator device failure, lights affixed radio unit on or off and to regulate the brightness according to the previous day’s program alone is able to control the lights at the right time.

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