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The first piece of MEZEI VILL LIGHTING is STRIKE. With today’s most advanced technology and providing quality lighting STRIKE, luminaires designed for street lighting with the main objective of increasing energy savings, prevention of light pollution, achieve better visibility.

Each member of the STRIKE product line has an electrical certification from ENEC – corresponding to European standards.

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Application areas:

STRIKE luminaires can be used in all domains of public lightinge. Strike 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 luminaires are designed for lighting low and medium-category roads. In addition, the ideal solution for lighting service roads, collector roads, hiking trails, bike paths, industrial facilities, residential areas, parks, parking lots.


  • aluminum die casting special heat transfer painting
  • optimal heat dissipation
  • Continuous nyomáskiegyelítés
  • High-performance CREE LED
  • Special lighting optics
  • UV stabilized PC diffuser
  • Equipped with modern electronics
  • service life of over 50 000 h
  • Intelligent lighting control and remote control
  • Eye-saving light


  • Optional optics
  • DIM technology
  • ECO - 4,5 hours after switching to 50% in controls power output
  • Selectable color temperature from 2700 K to 6000 K


They can be fixed on post arms of 42-60 mm. In case of different sizes, there will be needed a special arm part, that can be ordered. It can be easily fixed.


STRIKE luminaires do not request special maintenance.

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