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velum PRIDE


Developed with great skill and care for medium-duty bollard that can be used thanks to its unique design, in modern or historic environment.

velumApplication areas:

Suitable for mid-size park and street lighting, for smaller roads, public spaces, parks and gardens lighting.


  • Cast aluminum housing
  • optimal heat dissipation
  • continuous pressure compensation
  • Special heat-transfer painting
  • unique optics
  • UV stabilized PC diffuser
  • service life of over 50 000 h
  • Equipped with modern electronics
  • intelligent lighting control and remote control
  • Eye-saving light
  • 4000 K color temperature


  • DIM technology
  • ECO - 4,5 hours after switching to 50% in controls power output
  • Selectable color temperature from 2700 K to 6000 K


It can be mounted on top posts of 42-72 mm or on special lamp holder rack, which can be ordered separately.


Maintenance requirements are low. Every year you should clean the outside of the bulb housing.


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