About Us

Revolution Light Technologies Ltd was registered in 2014. The parent company is located in Hungary. Our goal is to develop the most advanced lighting products constructing high-tech luminaries with lowest energy consumption.

Our developer team experienced in the field of lighting and manufacturing. As product and system designers, we have a good record in designing solutions for clients that are cost effective, provide an early return on investment, reduce energy bills, contribute to improving staff performance and are good for the environment.

  • Development
  • Design
  • Production
  • Implementation
  • Customer support
  • Quality control

developmentOur company places great emphasis on the continuous product development. Our development team optimizes designs with the most modern thermal simulation, optical and lighting design software from which prototypes are completed. Before production we do long hours of running testst in a real network environment and diverse weather conditions. Based on the experience gained and the part is the final production plan in cooperation with supplier developers. When developing our products we take into account the needs of installers and operators, the EU and compliance with the relevant standards in Hungary.

designThe technical structure of luminaires required new ways, so designers have abandoned the traditional forms of lighting fixture. The product line’s simple clean lines are ideal for all architectural environment of the place. These minimal forms carry out their tasks clothed equipment, unique on the market and without ostentation.

designOur luminaires are produced in our own factory in Hungary, Berettyóújfalu. The components, raw materials are purchased mainly from Hungarian suppliers. The manufacturing is taking place on a 3500m2 site and being carried out by an outstanding equipment. The manufacturing and assembly is done here. There are currently 160.000 units are being manufactured each year in case of one-shift production, but due to the increased export demand for our capacity expansion of the plant is increased.

designWe don't only manufacture but also develop luminaires and carry out full planning fitting any sorts of needs. We've been using latest technology for installations for several years as well. Our references reveal the excellence of the work we did mainly in Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Romania.

designThe assessment of customer needs is continuously being carried out. We handle all sorts of requirements, needs extremly flexibly, because our customers satisfaction is what matters the most to us. In addition we have developed a customer support system for our luminaries that provides planning and calculation aids.

designA good product is essential for the production of appropriate quality control and quality assurance system. That is why we increased attention to the quality of our products. Our goal is to achieve a zero error rate, therefore, our suppliers are constantly monitoring each produced luminaires leaving the production lines after a test run.Our luminaires fully comply with the TÜV and ENEC tests, such as the European Union and the World public lighting standards and directives comply in all respects.

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